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A multi-tasking Milanese brand

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The Client

Born from the inimitable and tireless mind of the American journalist JJ. Martin in collaboration with the stylist Viviana Volpicella, is a vintage e-boutique, but is also a magazine that tells Milan style icons. A world to discover through editorials, shooting and news. On the site you can find authentic vintage garments from the ’60s,’ 70s, ’80s,’ 90s, ’00s, jewelery and accessories and now also the new collection of original dresses “La DoubleJ Edition”.

The Challenge

The DoubleJ project is based on collaboration with The Level Group and Frank Studio, established companies already active in e-commerce with several major brands.
The site was already existing and active as e-commerce, but was designed only for the sale of the vintage catalog. With the launch of the new collection it was necessary to give more emphasis to the collections of the “DoubleJ Edition”. In addition to splitting the catalog into two macro areas, we had to intervene on some areas of the publishing site of the site and streamline some processes related to the order and warehouse process and fix some existing bugs. The most difficult challenge in this case was to work on an existing code base and a site with active users.

The Solution

As the website was active, we worked in a staging environment by developing a system of importing and exporting data between one site and another. So we have programmed the release of the various features at different times and in a controlled way so as not to interrupt sales on the site. In the first phase, the new section of the catalog was created, filters were added, new editorial parts were developed, and an automatic synchronization system was created with the warehouse management software.

Technologies used: WordPress + WBF + WooCommerce


Ajax filter development

To get the result required by the customer we had to develop a custom plugin. The catalog template has been completely rewritten in Ajax so you can filter and upload your products without reloading the page.

Category and subcategory Layout

The site has a complex categorization hierarchy and different page view styles and layouts depending on the type of taxonomy and the level at which it is located. It is possible to manage the display style both in automatic and in manual mode.

Website Catalog and warehouse syncronization

With the launch of the new collection, the Client needs to automated the management of the entire warehouse, so we develop a custom plugin to perform this task.

Completly Responsive

The layout was designed to be responsive and optimal from a User Experience point of view. This allows site navigation to be functional and well structured so that it can be enjoyed by all mobile devices.

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