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Speed, integration and control for a cohesive eCommerce ecosystem

The Brand

Rougj represents Italian innovation in the world of dermocosmetics with a focus on quality, safety and sustainability

Rougj is an Italian cosmetics brand founded in Trieste, Italy, in 1987. Specializing in high-performance products, the brand has built a reputation for its focus on quality, safety and skin tolerability. Each product undergoes rigorous dermatological testing and is formulated with a focus on environmental sustainability.

One of Rougj’s distinguishing features is its widespread presence in sales channels. Products are available not only in pharmacies and parapharmacies, which have always been synonymous with safety and quality, but also on various online marketplaces. This multichannel strategy allows the brand to reach a wide range of consumers while maintaining high standards of quality and safety.

The brand also has a significant presence in several European countries, including France and Spain. This international expansion testifies to the trust and support that consumers have shown over the years, and positions Rougj as a global player in the dermocosmetics industry.





Use case

eCommerce B2C



The Challenge

The project with Rougj involved several complex challenges.

The first challenge was the complete redesign of the website to improve brand awareness in a highly competitive market.

In addition, refactoring was needed to optimize site performance while ensuring accurate product presentation in four different languages while limiting sales to Italy only.

Another challenge involved integrating with Amazon and eBay to export product sheets, as well as synchronizing orders with a customized ERP.

In addition, the brand needed to provide customers with the ability to check product availability in physical stores through a “Store Finder.”

Finally, there was a need to implement reliable reporting and develop targeted marketing campaigns, not only to attract new customers but also to retain existing ones in an environment where other marketplaces offered the same products at lower prices.


Customer-centric design with a focus on efficiency

For Rougj, the goal was to create an eCommerce ecosystem that was not only functional but also intuitive, efficient, and engaging for customers and operators. This section describes how we approached this challenge on three main fronts: UX/UI Design, Web Development and System Integration, and finally Digital Marketing. Each phase was designed to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency, creating an online shopping environment that meets and exceeds expectations.



  • UX / UI Design
  • eCommerce Development
  • ERP Integration
  • Hosting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Meta Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Marketing Automation

Key Features

  • Multi-language
  • Headless Catalog
  • Fidelity Program
  • Blog
  • Bundle Products
  • Store Finder
  • Stock Synchronization
  • Order synchronization with ERP
  • CRM Integration
  • Data Tracking & Web Analytics


  • Custom ERP
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Meta Pixel


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Docker
  • LEMP Stack
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • SASS
UX / UI Design

Aesthetics and functionality for an irresistible shopping experience

In the re-design phase, the goal was to create a user experience that was not only aesthetically appealing but also highly functional and intuitive.

To achieve this goal, we took a data-driven approach.

We examined key metrics such as click-through rate, time spent on the page, and conversion rate to better understand user behavior.

This analysis allowed us to identify areas for improvement and optimize the design accordingly.


Another crucial aspect was the focus on performance.

We worked to ensure that the user interface was not only beautiful, but also fast and responsive.

This included optimizing images, reducing page loading time, and implementing lazy loading techniques.

In this way, we ensured that the user experience was smooth, minimizing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Web Development & System Integration

Operational efficiency for the customer

In the development and integration phase, we chose a balanced approach to improve both user experience and operational efficiency.

On the one hand, we have implemented a number of advanced features to improve performance, usability, and content quality.

The introduction of multilingual support has made the site more inclusive, while the adoption of a headless catalog has offered greater flexibility in content management, positively impacting site performance.

A well-structured loyalty program was developed to incentivize customer returns, and the addition of a blog provided a platform for valuable content to improve engagement and SEO opportunities.

We have also introduced the ability to create product bundles in order to increase cross-selling and the average order value.

On the other hand, we have put in place a series of integrations and automations to make internal processes faster and more accurate.

Integration with a customized ERP has automated order and stock management, reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.


We have also implemented real-time synchronization with stocks in physical stores, thus providing customers with up-to-date information on product availability.

The use of ActiveCampaign for CRM has made it possible to automate email marketing campaigns, making communication with customers more effective.

Finally, integration with external platforms such as Amazon and eBay has extended brand visibility and automated order management.

This holistic approach has made Rougj’s eCommerce a more intuitive environment for customers and more manageable for operators, successfully balancing the needs of both.

Digital Marketing

Winning the price war: the digital strategy for customer loyalty

One of the most significant challenges faced by Rougj was online competition from retailers offering the same products at lower prices. To counter this problem and build customer loyalty, we adopted a multi-pronged digital strategy.

First, we implemented an advanced CRM, using ActiveCampaign to segment different audiences based on various factors such as buying behavior, demographics, and previous interactions. This segmentation allowed us to send targeted communications, thereby increasing the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.


At the same time, we introduced a points-based loyalty system. This loyalty program has incentivized customers to make repeat purchases directly from our site, rather than going to outside retailers.

Customers accumulate points for each purchase, which can then be redeemed for discounts or free products, creating a virtuous cycle of engagement and loyalty.


To maintain customer interest throughout the year, we launched a series of seasonal promotional initiatives. These were advertised primarily through the Meta Ads channel, which enabled us to reach a wider audience with highly targeted messages.

We also introduced Flash Sales, limited-time offers that generated a sense of urgency and drove conversion.


Finally, we strengthen the brand’s partnerships with the support of influencers in the beauty and fashion industries. Using coupons and tracking codes, we were able to monitor the effectiveness of these partnerships and adjust our strategies accordingly.

This integrated approach has not only mitigated the impact of price competition but also led to a significant increase in customer engagement and conversion rates.


The implementation of a holistic digital strategy has led to tangible results, benefitting both Rougj’s customers and operator

From the customer’s perspective, the user experience has been greatly enhanced by an intuitive and responsive design, supported by advanced features such as multilingual option and a headless catalog.

This has made navigation smoother and reduced wait times, increasing overall satisfaction and, consequently, conversion rates.

At the same time, operational efficiency has been optimized through a series of integrations and automation.

The use of a customized ERP and real-time synchronization with physical store stocks have automated order and stock management, reducing manual errors and increasing efficiency.

This has enabled smoother management of eCommerce, freeing up resources that could be directed to other strategic areas.

In addition, the introduction of a loyalty program and the use of advanced marketing strategies such as segmented email campaigns and seasonal promotions have helped to build customer loyalty.

This has had a positive impact on the average order value and purchase frequency, contributing to the sustainable growth of the business.

To conclude, the dual approach taken has created an eCommerce environment that is both intuitive for customers and efficient for operators, achieving a balance that has led to a significant increase in performance on all fronts.


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