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Waga is a web agency based in Milan. We seek solutions, solve problems, experience new software and realise ideas and projects. We help our customers to establish a reputation, to simplify business procedures, to launch new products, to maintain strong relationships with their customers, therefore: we help them build modern communication tools. We are a young and dynamic agency formed by professionals with a diverse experience in the field of web developing and online communication.

Through a flexible structure, we provide companies with the necessary experience for a technological development in the field of online communication, compatible with the objectives and the specific context of each client. Our services address all types of business, from small and medium-sized companies to public administration or communication agencies as partners.


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Co-Founder & Digital Strategist

Nicola Cascio is co-founder of Waga. His experience as a freelance designer began in 2003 when he started designing and developing websites. He founded WAGA in 2010 where he still actively contributes as “digital strategist” and “research and development manager”. And beyond that he works as web design teacher at NABA in Milan.


Co-Founder & COO

Since his youth he has cultivated a passion for drawing and graphics, interests that led him to graduate in Graphics and Visual Communication at European University Jean Monnet in Brussels. Once he completed his studies he started to work as a freelancer. He founded WAGA in 2010, where he has always designed websites and applications. He coordinates the development team and participates in front-end development activities


Full Stack Developer

He owns a degree in psychology but he is also an experienced programmer. He started collaborating with WAGA since 2014 where he is a backend/frontend developer and sysadmin. He specialises in PHP, Javascript and Unix systems. In his free time he teaches and practices martial arts.


UI/UX Designer & Project Manager

Passionate about art and architecture since her childhood, she discovered her true vocation in web and graphics. Immediately after her graduation in Graphic Design at IED in Milan in 2012, she started her professional experience dealing with brand identity design and web and mobile interfaces. Over the years he also specialized as a Project Manager


Front End Developer

After graduating in Architecture Sciences at the IUAV University of Venice, he approached the web and obtained a Web Design diploma at the IED. Thus was born the passion for the world of Coding. He joined WAGA in 2019, dealing with Front End development.


SEO specialist & Office Manager

Graduated at the faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature at the Catholic University of Milan. She comes to WAGA in 2017 as Office Manager in support of Administrative, later she specialized in SEO. In addition to working at WAGA she teaches English.


Back End Developer

From an early age he cultivated his interest in technology, using it for his passions ranging from gaming to music and of course to coding. After studying and first professional experiences, he moved from Riccione to Milan to join the WAGA team.


Back End Developer

He starts at WAGA very young in a school-work partnership. Now he graduated and started university. True nerd, he is attracted to everything that technology implies. In WAGA he deals with Back End, Php, Sql, JavaScript development. But don’t ask him to write a line of CSS!

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We seek solutions, solve problems, try new software, realize ideas and projects.