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We use data, technology, and creativity to transform your online presence and grow your eCommerce.


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Conversion-oriented design

Build efficient and intuitive purchasing paths to maximize sales opportunities.

Our approach to design is based on analytical data and user behavior to create interfaces that not only grab attention but also guide visitors through an optimized conversion funnel.

Every element is designed with one goal in mind: to convert visitors into customers and generate a positive ROI for your business.


A platform that grows with you

A platform that adapts to your needs, ensuring seamless scalability as your business grows.

From inventory and order management to content customization and integration with other tools, our eCommerce solution is built to be flexible.

You won’t have to worry about technological limitations or hidden costs. Instead, you can focus on what really matters: growing your business sustainably.

Advanced strategies for effective marketing

Convert more visitors into loyal customers through a series of advanced, targeted, and personalized marketing strategies.

We use a combination of SEO, content, advertising, and data analysis to identify growth opportunities and optimize your campaigns.

Every strategy is designed to reach your target audience at the right moment and in the most effective context, maximizing conversions and building lasting relationships with customers.


System integration and omnichannel: the equation for success

In the digital age, operational efficiency is crucial for business growth.

Our eCommerce platform integrates with your existing business systems, from inventory management and CRM systems to payment and logistics solutions.

These integrations automate workflows and enable a unified view of customers and operations. The result is a cohesive digital ecosystem that enhances productivity, reduces costs, and accelerates your market growth.

The process

A 4-step journey to your success on the web

Discover how we transform your ideas into effective digital solutions through a well-defined and proven process.


Initial Consultation

We will understand your goals and needs together.

The first step towards your success on the web begins with a deep understanding of your goals and specific needs. In this phase, we will conduct in-depth meetings and detailed analyses to define the strategic direction of your eCommerce. We will assess your target market, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and outline an action plan. The result will be a detailed project that will serve as the foundation for all subsequent phases.


Design and development

We will create a unique and high-performing online store.

This is the moment when your vision takes shape. Our design and development experts will work closely with you to create an online store that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also optimized for conversion. Using the latest technologies and following industry best practices, we will ensure that your online store is fast, secure and easy to use, offering your customers an unparalleled shopping experience.


Launch and Promotion

A marketing strategy tailored just for you.

A successful online store requires more than an attractive design; it needs an effective marketing strategy. In this phase, we will implement a series of promotional tactics customized for you, which may include SEO, online advertising, social media marketing and more. The goal is to attract qualified traffic to your site and convert it into sales, putting your offer in front of the right audience at the right time.


Ongoing Support

Restiamo al tuo fianco per assicurare il tuo successo a lungo termine.

Your long-term success is our priority. Even after launch, we will stay by your side to monitor performance, make updates and further optimize your operations. Whether it’s technology upgrades, new features, or seasonal marketing campaigns, we are here to ensure your eCommerce adapts and thrives in an ever-changing marketplace.

Successful Case Studies

From ideas to projects

We invite you to explore some of the most representative projects we have implemented. Each case study is a reflection of our commitment to providing exceptional eCommerce solutions. From intuitive design to marketing strategies, our clients enjoy a comprehensive experience that drives real results. Learn how we have helped businesses like yours grow and thrive in the competitive world of eCommerce.

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Eleva il tuo eCommerce

Waga è WooExpert




Competenza e innovazione nel mondo WooCommerce

La scelta della piattaforma giusta per il tuo eCommerce è fondamentale. Ecco perché Waga è orgogliosa di essere una Agenzia WooExpert Verificata. Questo riconoscimento ci posiziona tra i partner di fiducia di WooCommerce, la piattaforma di eCommerce più utilizzata al mondo.

Soluzioni Personalizzate

Ogni business è unico. Offriamo soluzioni su misura che si adattano alle tue esigenze specifiche, dalla configurazione del negozio alla gestione degli ordini e delle spedizioni.

Supporto Continuo

Il nostro impegno non termina con il lancio del tuo sito. Forniamo un supporto continuo per assicurare che il tuo eCommerce sia sempre ottimizzato e aggiornato.

Perché scegliere un WooExpert?

Esperienza Comprovata

Come WooExpert, abbiamo dimostrato competenze tecniche e risultati eccezionali nella creazione e gestione di negozi online.

Vantaggi Esclusivi

Essere un WooExpert Verificato ci permette di avere un accesso diretto alle ultime funzionalità e aggiornamenti di WooCommerce, garantendo che il tuo negozio sia sempre all’avanguardia.

Fiducia e Sicurezza

La nostra certificazione WooExpert è un sigillo di qualità che garantisce la nostra competenza e affidabilità nel fornire soluzioni di eCommerce di alto livello.

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eCommerce and digital transformation: within the Nòva section in the June 30, 2022 edition of Il Sole 24 Ore, Waga’s services and expertise in digital innovations and eCommerce development were presented.

Waga. Customer centric eCommerce solutions for beauty and fashion

… Skills in Design, Web Development and Digital Marketing allow to offer clients solutions integrated with business systems, aimed at achieving business objectives. These skills, combined with constant research and experimentation, guarantee a personalized consulting service that is fundamental to a solid and lasting partnership…

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