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Breil: a sustainable future in the eCommerce world

The Brand

Breil is an Italian brand known for its range of steel jewelry and watches.

The brand stands out for its unique and iconic design, offering a variety of products ranging from rings and necklaces to bracelets and earrings. Breil is particularly known for the use of steel in its products, adding a touch of modernity and durability.

Breil’s website offers a wide range of products for both genders and is structured to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience. The homepage shows several jewelry and watch collections, with a special focus on the “Magnetica System” line. The website also offers a “Best Sellers” section and a gift guide, making it easy for users to choose for special occasions.



Fashion & Accessories


Use case

eCommerce B2C



The Challenge

Optimizing website performance: a redesign for a seamless user experience.

The page load times were significantly slow, affecting both conversions and sales negatively. Furthermore, the existing design failed to fully valorize the uniqueness and iconicity of Breil, reducing user engagement and, consequently, brand awareness.

As a result, the project evolved, and integration with external marketplaces became a necessary step.

The challenge here was to develop an order management system capable of seamlessly consolidating orders from various channels without causing conflicts or inefficiencies, all while maintaining a unified view of stock.


Positioning Breil for a sustainable future in the eCommerce world

Our actions on Breil’s eCommerce site encompassed several key areas, each with distinct goals and outcomes. We initiated the process with a comprehensive redesign of the interface and user experience. This was followed by code refactoring and integration with business systems. Finally, we developed an advanced Order Management System tailored to handle the intricacies of multichannel operations.



  • UX / UI Design
  • eCommerce Development
  • ERP Integration
  • OMS Development
  • Hosting

Key Features

  • Multi-language
  • Headless Catalog
  • Product Customization
  • Stock Synchronization
  • Order integration with ERP
  • Order Management System
  • CRM Integration


  • Custom ERP
  • OMS
  • Clerk
  • HiPay
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Meta Pixel
  • Live Chat
  • Yocabé
  • Channel Engine
  • Worldz


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Docker
  • LEMP Stack
  • Node.js
  • JavaScript
  • Vue.js
  • SASS

A new face for an iconic brand

In the first phase of the project, the goal was to redefine the interface and user experience of Breil’s website.

We focused on crafting a design that not only appealed visually but also facilitated navigation and interaction.

This fresh approach has led to a substantial improvement in user engagement, transforming the site into a cohesive and empowering extension of the brand identity.

Re-Factoring & System Integration

Speed, integration and control for a cohesive eCommerce ecosystem

We conducted code refactoring to optimize page load times, effectively removing a significant obstacle to user engagement and conversions.

This involved a thorough review of resources, from image compression to optimizing database queries, to ensure a smooth and fast user experience.

On the other hand, we worked on integration with Breil’s internal systems for stock and logistics management.

This crucial step enabled real-time synchronization between the eCommerce site and Breil’s logistics and stock operations.

This integration has not only improved the accuracy of stock management, but also reduced delivery time and improved customer satisfaction.

Order Management System

A unified system for order management

The work accomplished in this area has been aimed at creating a robust and flexible Order Management System (OMS) designed to handle the complexity of multichannel operations.

OMS not only collects orders from Breil’s website, but also integrates orders from other platforms such as Yocabé and Channel Engine. This integration has eliminated conflicts and inefficiencies, providing a unified real-time view of inventory and orders.

This has enabled Breil team to have complete control over the order lifecycle, from receipt to shipment, and significantly improved operational efficiency.


Our implementations have led to significant results.

The redesign and refactoring of the website have significantly improved brand awareness, with an increase in the time spent on the site and a decrease in the bounce rate.

The page loading speed has been optimized, resulting in an improvement in performance metrics.

The integration of orders from different channels has been successfully executed, making order management more efficient and reducing errors.

The website is now more performant, intuitive, and aligned with Breil’s brand identity.

Next steps

Towards an increasingly integrated and omnichannel eCommerce ecosystem

Looking ahead, the focus will be on continuous optimization and expanding the omnichannel capabilities of the website. With the Order Management System already operational, the next step will be to integrate additional platforms and sales channels to make Breil’s eCommerce ecosystem even more cohesive and scalable. This will not only enable smoother order management but also facilitate better data analysis across all sales channels.

We will continue to monitor key metrics of the website and make improvements based on user feedback and performance analyses.

The goal is to keep the website and the entire eCommerce ecosystem at the forefront, providing an exceptional user experience that reflects the quality and uniqueness of the brand.

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